Most Paintings can be reproduced e.g. printed on almost any surfaces.
Be it on canvas, various metals, special papers, etc, etc.
Including: Pillow Cases, Blankets, Towels, Beach Towels, Yoga Mats, Shower Curtains, Zip Pouches, Handbags, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Posters, etc. etc.

The life of each can vary from the material it is printed on.
Prices vary, if you want a ‘one off’ item or hundreds or thousands.

For maximum print sizes on canvas and metals and special papers, please inquire.

An example is given below, printed on canvas!

Maximum width is 1500mm but in some cases even smaller.
Length can vary as well.
1200mm wide/tall x 4400mm wide/tall: approximate price $4000.00
A triptych (for example) can be created by splitting the image into 3 canvases:
3 x 1200mm x 4400mm: approximate price $12000.00

Prices do not include packing, transport, insurance, hanging, etc.


Various sizes and styles available.
From 39.00 per T-Shirt, a discount applies to large orders.

Prices do not include packing, transport and insurance.
Pick up is possible in large cities.

Please inquire for anything you would like to know or would like to purchase.
Thank you for your interest.

(5 November 2018)