Artist: Franco Giorgio Vendramini

Tel. 0412 16 27 28



Franco was born in Switzerland to his Italian-born Dad and Swiss-Italian born Mum.

His upbringing in the German-Swiss Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, in the midst of Nature, Mountains close by and open paddocks for miles, he gained to respect Nature and an enviable happy childhood.

With his passion in Art, he started a career in Textile Designing with a local Swiss company. The Art School taught him HOW To Design with various mediums and techniques. The majority of his paintings were Floral in nature done with watercolours.

After immigrating to Melbourne, Australia in 1970, he designed Ladies’ and Men’s Wear for clients such as Tullo Ladies’ Wear, Dale Slacks and many more.

Besides Art, Photography is also one of his hobbies – being, Franco says – that “one compliments the other.”

Composition is a requirement for both.

Franco has travelled numerous countries and has taken his feelings, emotions and impressions back home with him to express them in his paintings.

These days, he paints mostly with Acrylic paint but uses also other Synthetic Mediums. Realistic and Abstract Landscapes and Floral Works are his inclinations however, he also engages himself in Sublime and Surrealistic Art, expressing world happenings, human forces and weaknesses into artworks.

He has lived in Brisbane, Australia since 1980 to present and now calls Australia his home!

Franco is open to accept Commission Work and welcomes Inquiries of Reproductions of his Paintings.